Practice Areas

Risk mitigation and corporate governance.

Talley and Turner is an effective resource for Oklahoma businesses and business people assisting in the formation of businesses and also representing businesses involved in litigation. With experience in forming both complex and simple business plans as well as a good knowledge of tax consequences and strategy, Talley and Turner can build your company with you for success and thereafter can advise, defend and represent your business in all actions.

Steady counsel in trying times.

If you are looking for an attorney to help with your divorce, adoption, guardianship, or child custody or support matters then you can trust Talley, Turner & Bertman. We focus on helping clients through these emotional times. Talley and Turner offer firm and fair advice, and concentrates on making the client’s life better and walking through the tough time in the client’s life by their side. Talley and Turner are extremely proud of their family law practice and the services they offer to clients.

Efficient litigation practices.

Talley and Turner is an effective litigation resource for Oklahoma residences. They have achieved impeccable results in individual, municipal, and institutional cases. Talley and Turner act quickly and efficiently in litigations to ensure their clients are taken care of whether it is a class action suit, civil rights case, police misconduct or false arrests. T&T strives to find justice for the victims in any civil ligation case and will work until the best solution is produced.

Highly attentive to the injured.

Talley, Turner & Bertman, in Norman, OK are experienced in handling Personal Injury cases and will get you the compensation you deserve for any type of vehicle accident. T&T can help you get the reparation you should, whether it is for medical expenses, emotional trauma, or lost wages. Their staff will carefully review the details of your case and contrive a claim to make sure you are heard and receive what you are entitled to. When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Norman, OK call T&T for the personal attention your case deserves.

Protecting the future of students.

If you have been unfairly dismissed from your school and need help with a student’s rights case, Talley, Turner & Bertman in Norman, OK are peerless lawyers who will guarantee your case will receive its due process hearing and the justice you deserve. Students frequently receive unfair grade decisions, suspensions, or dismissals and T&T can represent you and help protect your rights as a student. They know how both private and public institutions handle campus and schools ground hearings and are prepared to protect a student at any level. If the school administration is taking unfair action against you, contact Talley and Turner’s office in Norman, OK.

Aggressive advocates for the accused.

One of the cornerstones of Talley, Turner & Bertman is representing clients charged with a crime. From the most serious crimes to misdemeanors, the firm handles hundreds of representations in the Oklahoma City Metro area annually. The firm’s focus is primarily in Cleveland County, since the firm is based in Norman, but both Sam and Josh are asked to handle matters for their clients all over Oklahoma. In March 2012, Sam Talley and Joshua Turner joined the largest indigent defense contract in the State of Oklahoma for felony offenses, in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, at the request of other defense attorneys working within the contract who wanted the firm’s dedication to their clients. Talley and Turner are the youngest lawyers to currently work for the Cleveland County Indigent Defense Contract and their energy, leadership and professionalism better serve Cleveland County residents.

Eliminating the stigma of criminal records.

One of the first things all of our partners taught themselves out of law school was how to protect the privacy of the client by knowing how to expunge criminal records and seal civil records that can be problematic in life, such as a protective order. Because of this early interest and hundreds of successful representations throughout their practice years, Talley and Turner has become one the best source for help with expunging records. Talley and Turner can assist you in having your record wiped clean so that you may legally state that you have not been “arrested,” “convicted,” or “on probation” for any crime. Talley and Turner can also help you seal civil records like protective orders and debt matters that can eliminate interference with your future employment and education, and can eliminate any doubt or embarrassment created by a negative record.

Protecting your consumer rights.

If you have received physical pain, emotional trauma, medical expenses, car repair bills, or lost wages due to the negligent driving of another motorist we are the legal team you want negotiating with the insurance company. Talley and Turner will fight for the rights of car accident victims and will provide guidance in protecting your claim. Talley and Turner have years of resources that aid them in earning positive results in cases dealing with: fatal care accidents, spinal injuries, burns, broken bones, drunk driving accidents, and much more. Contact their office in Norman, OK to see what kind of difference Talley, Turner & Bertman can make for your case.